Horrible activities of France

Horrible activities of France

France is a country located in Europe, its capital city is Paris famous for fashion, the Eiffel Tower, wine, cheese. Its economy is classified as the fifth-largest, this is a strong country both economically and naturally. Paris is one of the largest tourist destinations worldwide with several attractions that foreigners want to come to. When you think of France, Eiffel Tower is what comes to mind, you cannot take photos of it at night because that is breaking the law. Another major attraction in France is The Louvre Museum, has been built by glass with a pyramid design. This place has up to ten million visits on a year, tickets are bought early, so you don’t have to queue for hours waiting to view.

Notre-Dame De Paris, a catholic cathedral

Notre-Dame De Paris, a catholic cathedral with French Gothic design. Disneyland of Paris is the only one in that whole continent of Europe, it is a beautiful place to visit as a tourist. Fashion in France has influence around, most big fashion brands originate from there, brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior and Channel. The wine collection in France is the greatest, rare the vineyards that are in their local side. Champagne and Bordeaux are those that are famous in the country. This has some of the best footballers with popular football clubs, at World Cup finals were reached, how great is that.

Auto industry is doing great, most

Auto industry is doing great, most of the fast selling cars come from Paris, Renault, Volkswagen. Food, their food is extraordinary delicious, though they include weird stuff in their menu, they still are great chefs. Though citizens of France have all this beautiful things around them, there are still some things that do not change within them. Locals do not want to learn, explore, its rather to live life as how it was in the past, then upgrade and embrace modernity. Some do not know what is a passport, this is so bad for anyone. You have to be up to date with happenings around you in every sector.

Horrible activities of France

Racism is high in that place, most won’t talk to you unless you know how to speak like them, you have to have an accent too, their accent. French is a hard language to learn, it is taught in most countries, but they still won’t accept you without the accent. Your color and race will deny you access to some facilities in France country. They hate the English language and the English people too, they feel that they are superior to any other race. Another horrible thing is that complaining is too much, they are always complaining about everything. This is a striking nation, strikes happen now and then.

French culture maybe horrible because fitting in their culture is difficult, it is difficult to understand in their culture. In France, people do not allow others to experience, be part of their culture, language is difficult to learn. Media houses air out the worst stories, events in France coutry to air out in the stations. Instead of doing a story cover of projects that are underway or completed, violence stories are covered. Just like in all other countries, there are pick-pocketers and thieves. Thieves will differentiate a tourist from a citizen, it will be easy to still from a tourist since tourist don’t know their way around.

When in the country, you are forced to learn French, nothing can be done because these people will not learn another language apart from their own. You will not use the language even if you study it, you are forced to understand it, though. Restaurants are closed down a better part of the day in the local areas, you cannot dine anytime you want, family time is valued, it’s rather time to be spent with family rather than working to boost the economy and themselves. Religion and social life are not to be mixed, at the workplace, do not demonstrate religion or do, talk religiously. It is supposed to be in church only, catholic is the religion. Mixing religion with other aspects of life is not a bad thing, they both will flourish actually, but French seem not to understand that.

Like in the olden days, hosting is practiced, killing of people who do not belong in the territory is done, this is bad. Crime is not reported, it is ignored, rape victims suffer in silence without getting justice, none will hear their cries. These are mean guys, they do not help foreigners, ask for direction, you will not get any. If visitors come to your land and are treated poorly, foreigners will not come back. Being polite does not cost you anything, do good, good will come back to you. Do to others what you would like to be done to you. Respect is lacked and manners for people outside their race which is bad to the culture.

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